Project Endlessness: Part 1 of 3

It was the moment that Louise woke up, when she realised that she was not in her own bed. As she rose from her quickly fading dreams she could feel hollow and plastic material beneath her palms as the air in the mattress pressed beneath her fingers. She was absolutely certain that when she had drifted off to sleep last night in her own bed, in her own room. She distinctly remembered wanting to get to sleep early so that she would be ready to go to college on Monday morning. However as the grey peeling wallpaper reflected through the grime-covered window began to haze into view, everything in Louiseā€™s life seemed like it existed on a completely different planet.

Struggling with the mattress, she managed to get herself on her feet. Her bones felt like rotten wood as she navigated around the tiny room. There was no furniture besides the blow-up mattress, a very thin duvet cover and a few shopping bags that seemed to be full of assorted clothes. The rest of the floor was littered with wrinkled sheets of paper. Louise could feel them under her bare feet. She picked one up and tried to read it under the light of the window, but her hands were shaking too much to keep the page still for long enough to get a good enough look at it. And when she turned around and looked back at the mattress she had woken up in, she finally noticed the person who had been sleeping next to her.
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