Nirvana Mall

While in lockdown, I took part in a 24 hour playwriting challenge organised by Emberfly Theatre. The theme they gave us was ‘Utopia’. I had 12 hours to write a short monologue based around that theme before it was given to an actor to perform on camera. My monologue, Nirvana Mall, was performed by Hannah Abbott, one of the founders of Emberfly and a wonderful actress. I’m really happy to see the finished results for this little project. You can find the rest of the recorded monologues on Emberfly’s Facebook page.

Scenic Reality Rehearsed Reading

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Damien Blake has been trying to be a renowned film director ever since they left school. They starts their journey with their three best friends, a bleak outlook of society and a desire to create something important. They ends their journey with only one of these things. Set against the background of rising university fees and rising university pressures, Scenic Reality is about the trials and fears behind moving into the real world and how some of us desperately try to avoid it.

Scenic Reality is coming to the Hope Theatre. On the 27th April 2018, at 3pm, this rehearsed reading will be the first public performance a play that I’ve been working on for a while. Directed by the wonderful Samantha Wright (Co-Founder of New Room Theatre) and with a brilliant cast.

To book tickets, click the link above or below this post. All tickets are free but please only book them once you have confirmed you can come as seating is limited.

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Starfish is Now Available Online

Back in August 2016, my short play Starfish was performed at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre. I am now pleased to say that a full recording of that performance is available to watch on YouTube. (English subtitles can be turned on by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the video.)

After a Christmas party that Kaitlyn would prefer to forget; her girlfriend, Nicola, takes her to the beach to try and get her head back together. However, Kaitlyn discovers that Nicola may have other reasons to keep her from breaking down.

The 72

Title Card

Here’s something to celebrate the new year. I made this game last year as a way of teaching myself how to use Renpy, a free visual novel making program. All of the sound and images were also created by me, or sourced from the public domain. I would really like to do more with video games in the future and, hopefully, tell some more coherent stories. This one is a bit disjointed and experimental but I think I managed to find something unique in it.

You can download the game for free on Window, Mac and Linux on by following the link below.

Auntie Rene’s Garden

Back in 2006, my Auntie Rene asked me to film her garden for her. She was always very proud of it and spent a lot of time keeping it beautiful. I wasn’t very very good at working a camera at the time, but she didn’t seem to mind.
In 2014, she passed away and as a result, there was no-one to take care of her garden. Although my family tried as best we could to take care of it, it became much more overgrown and a shadow of its former beauty.
Last week, in October 2015, we sold the house. And as I stood in the garden one last time, I remembered that old footage I had taken. So I filmed as many of the shots as I could remember and when I found the old footage and spliced it together with the footage I had taken. This was the result.



I made Week around this time last year, but didn’t feel it was worth sharing until now. At the time, I wanted to document all of the different things that I stared at during the week; all of the things that I was looking at but wasn’t processing. So I picked up my old handheld camera and carried it around with me throughout the week. (Which is why a lot of the footage is extremely shaky.)

(This post was updated on 03/03/15)

Waiting for Ordano

Project Endlessness: Part 3 of 3

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?”
“Of course I know. Stop worrying about everything, I’m trying to work out where we are.”
“All I can see is sea.”
“I know. That’s all I can see too.”
“So how do you know which way this place is?”
“It’s called Ordano!”
“It sounds stupid.”
“Well, I lived there for years and I think it’s a beautiful place. So be quiet because you’ll love it when you get there.”
“I didn’t say that it was stupid.”
“Yes you did.”
“No, I meant that the name sounds stupid. That’s all I said.”
“Well, I don’t think it sounds stupid at all.”
“It sounds made up.”
“What are you saying!”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“Because all names are made up, which is why it probably sounds made up to you. But then, you wouldn’t know anything about doing clever things like making up names, would you?”
“And you would?”
“Yes! I mean… No! I mean… Just, shut up, do you want to go to Ordano or not?”
“Yes! Yes! I’m sorry. I do want to go to Ordano.”
“All right then.”

“It’s just, all I see is blue.”
“The ocean is blue, idiot.”
“I know that the ocean is blue. I’m just saying because I haven’t seen any islands yet.”
“Well, of course not.”
“How long is it going to take to get there?”
“As long as it takes.”

“Are you sure you own this boat?”
“Yes! Well, no, my daddy owns it. How else do you think we got to your stupid town in the first place? In this boat.”
“Ok. I believe you. I was only asking.”
“Well, don’t.”
“Ok, I promise, I won’t ask any more questions.”
“You promise?”
“Yeah, I just said.”
“You promise, captain?”
“I promise captain.”
“You won’t ask any more questions until we get to Ordano.”
“No, I promise captain.”

“Yes, Cameron?”
“What’s Ordano like?”

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